“As president of Eliassen Group, Tom played a leadership role in growing our company to the $100MM level and developing what I consider to be one of the top teams in the staffing business. Tom and I share a similar passion for excellence and a mutual understanding of the value that a healthy company culture is to growing a business. I admire Tom’s values, work ethic and expertise in getting things done. He will be an asset to anyone that uses him for advice on how to further develop their teams and company.”

Mona Eliassen, Founder, Eliassen Group, LLC

“I have known Tom for many years as a fellow executive in the staffing industry. He has always been helpful in offering excellent ideas and advice that I have used to further develop my team and grow my company.  Once he started his consulting business, I jumped at the opportunity to get him more formally involved with CRI. I am using Tom for help in developing  our leadership team, to improve our strategic planning process and for general advice. I really value Tom’s input and expertise as I grow my company to its full potential and look forward to his continued involvement.”

Sue Thaden, CEO & Founder, Client Resources Inc.

“I have known Tom Nunn for several years as a Vistage teammate, and more recently as a valuable advisor to my company, Anthem Musical Instruments, Inc. Tom has been facilitating strategic meetings for Anthem and inspires us to think about the issues that we often don’t devote enough time to, but that we need to in order to succeed. His vast experience and well-rounded knowledge of best practices, his down-to-earth style and his unique ability to approach problems from multiple perspectives make Tom a valuable asset to any team. I highly recommend Tom to anyone looking for solid business advice!”

David Kilkenny, CEO & Founder, Anthem Musical Instruments