Strategic Consulting

Tom Nunn Consulting works with dedicated, smart business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to make their vision of success a reality. Consultant Tom Nunn immerses himself in your company, thoroughly analyzes where you are now and where you want to go, then develops a comprehensive, customized, priority-based plan for the best way to achieve your goals.

Position your company for sustainable growth with an exclusive Strategic Consultation with Tom Nunn himself, covering Organization Assessment, Defining & Developing Company Culture, Implement Industry & Internal Best Practices, and Strategic Planning. 

Organization Assessment

TNC digs deep into your organization, providing honest, objective analysis of what works, what doesn’t, and what to do to make it all come together for positive growth. You’ll learn how to build a solid base using your strengths to effectively handle challenges and successfully launch your future initiatives.

  • TNC completes a comprehensive analysis of current strengths and challenges using professional analysis tools, your insights and TNC’s years of experience.
  • With a thorough ‘gap analysis’ of your company, TNC discovers where you are now, how it relates to where you want to go, what resources you need, and provides a prioritized plan to put the necessary components in place. 
  • TNC will help you develop and prioritize short and long-term goals, maximizing your focus efficiently on what is most important to you. 
  • You will be ready to initiate programs to capitalize on your resources, communicate goals to your team, assign tasks, and set up systems to track results for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Define & Develop Company Culture

In recognition of the extreme importance a healthy company culture can make in the achievement of a company’s success, TNC works with you and your team to define the assets and liabilities of your current company culture and analyze whether this key driver of company performance is moving you toward or away from your goals. TNC then develops specific recommendations to maintain or enhance a robust company culture that supports the profitable growth of your company.

TNC will work with you to further define and develop these essential areas of corporate culture:

  • Norms that clearly define what is acceptable and what is not, to unify your team and lead to more predictable outcomes for initiatives.
  • Accountability at every level to identify weak links and increase productivity.
  • Pay for performance incentive programs to reward strong performers and encourage your entire team to operate at peak levels.
  • Facilitate feelings of empowerment, acceptance and productivity to increase retention of top performers and create a well connected, thriving workforce.
  • How to initiate a strong Corporate Culture that does not stifle individuality and innovation.
  • How to transform your employees into a cohesive team that really communicates and works together to support your goals.

Implement Industry & Internal Best Practices

Over time, a growing company cannot continue to perform operations in the same manner as on day one. To increase efficiency and your bottom line, TNC provides a careful analysis of what works best within your industry and specifically for your company and makes recommendations to maximize profitability and productivity including, but not limited to these essential areas:

  • Sales & Recruiting
  • Compensation Plans
  • Operations, Accounting & Administration
  • Risk Management
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with Executive Dashboards
  • Hiring & Staff Development Best Practices
  • Robust Teamwork
  • Productive Meetings
  • And more according to what  best serves your company

Strategic Planning

Successful companies achieve their phenomenal growth and longevity by developing long-term strategic plans and goals, and then structuring their company-wide, day-to-day actions to always move toward those goals. Building on a thorough evaluation and your vision, Tom Nunn Consulting will help your company:

  • Create a three to five-year company vision and a blueprint to make it reality.
  • Develop Strategic Initiatives for the upcoming year with efficient SMART Goals and merge them with current operations.
  • Implement programs to assure company-wide focus to achieve vision, track progress toward goals, and fine-tune programs to keep your company in positive growth momentum for the long term.

The TNC Strategic Consulting process can help you rocket your business to the next level of success and beyond. Start making progress now with a personal consultation with Tom Nunn. Please call 978.207.1549 or email Tom at: for more information.