Staff Development

The number one asset of most companies is their people. The staff you assemble, train and manage will ultimately be responsible for the realization of your vision. And building a high performance leadership team is crucial to your company’s success story.

Tom Nunn Consulting works with the owner or CEO to evaluate, further develop and implement the right tools, practices and programs to maximize the abilities and productivity of your staff.

TNC will help you put systems in place to hire the right people for the right job, that emphasize teamwork, and encourage your staff to support your vision for growth and profitability to the best of their ability.

TNC’s evaluation and analysis techniques, and the creation of customized, actionable plans help you bring your company to the next level of success by focusing on the most critical Staff Development areas, including: Building High Performance Leadership Teams, Effective Meeting Facilitation, and Staff Development.

Building High Performance Leadership Teams

Tom Nunn Consulting begins to lay a solid foundation with an intensive evaluation and analysis of your current team, company culture and vision. With this knowledge, TNC works with you to develop a comprehensive plan to establish or further advance your leadership team.

With the right people and the right systems in place, your leadership team will be ready to take it to the next level. With the right level of focus and mentoring, your executives will be able to evolve into a high performance leadership team that will operate as an aligned group of professionals who trust each other and are committed to creating extraordinary results for themselves, one another, and your company.

Your company will benefit from enhanced leadership performance by creating and supporting a leadership team that: 

  • Defines and nurtures a company culture that encourages the accomplishment of the company vision.
  • Confidently makes the tough, but necessary decisions
  • Proactively plans and integrates effective long-term strategies to accomplish company goals.
  • Anticipates and develops contingency plans for potential roadblocks.
  • Brings and comfortably addresses issues to the table that are preventing your team or company from moving to the next level of success.
  • Develops, implements and supports consistent operating principles that reduce costly errors and redundancies, saving time, resources and money.
  • Engenders open communication and comfortably engages in productive conflict.
  • Conducts more effective meetings. 
  • Explores and celebrates team diversity in experience, perceptions and competencies to promote acceptance and innovative thinking.

Effective Meeting Facilitation

Unproductive meetings waste time, energy and resources. TNC can help your company to establish and integrate effective meeting best practices, develop purposeful meetings and agendas that get more done, use everyone’s time more efficiently and strengthen your team.

Your staff will learn how to implement best practices to: 

  • Increase interest and attendance at meetings.
  • Increase efficiency of standard weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings by defining and refining each meeting type according to its purpose.
  • Establish and stick to acceptable norms for meeting prep, productive agenda formats and follow up.
  • Maximize meeting efficiency by prioritizing issues to be addressed by the appropriate principles.
  • Encourage open discussion in a nonjudgmental environment that accepts diversity of thought and allows innovative ideas to flourish.
  • Emphasize individual and team accountability to keep meetings productive.

Staff Development

To move your company to the next level of success, it is imperative that your staff is aligned in support of your leadership team in achieving your company vision. Your company’s leadership team for tomorrow starts with good Staff Development today.

Tom Nunn Consulting thoroughly analyzes your current staff development procedures, and then works with the owner or CEO and your leadership team to develop programs that will:

Develop effective interviewing techniques to strengthen your team with the right people in the right positions, who are a good fit for your company culture.

  • Enhance career development to optimize talent, skill and experience, and retain more of your high performers.
  • Measure and manage performance with appropriate compensation packages that reward high performers.
  • Develop organizational depth with the ability to proactively identify vulnerabilities and gaps in talent before they become problems.

TNC Staff Development, Meeting Facilitation and Leadership Team Development programs can help you rocket your business to the next level of success and beyond. Start making progress now with a personal consultation with Tom Nunn. Please call 978.207.1549 or email Tom at: for more information.