Facilitated Industry Roundtables

Tom Nunn Consulting is pleased to offer an invitation-only, facilitated Staffing Industry Roundtable as an extraordinary opportunity for owners and COOs to compare notes with, learn from, and give back to industry peers.

As a veteran of the staffing industry, Tom Nunn has extensive experience working with industry giants like Eliassen Group. His network of key contacts and resources uniquely positions him to offer this high level Staffing Industry Roundtable. Tom excels in his dual role as the facilitator and an active participant. He provides exclusive access and insight to productive, focused discussion of industry best practices that translate into growth and profitability for his clients.

“Throughout my career, I have enthusiastically participated in and facilitated industry roundtables,” Tom says. “This program achieves a goal of mine to increase the effectiveness of the round table experience. It offers owners and COOs an organized and productive roundtable without all the logistical hassle and time consuming tracking, accountability and administrative heavy lifting. So the focus is on always on achieving their vision.”

To maximize effectiveness, the TNC Staffing Industry Roundtable includes a two-hour monthly call supplemented by one to two offsite fly-in events per year.

For the monthly calls, Tom Nunn works with members in advance to solicit issues to be discussed in detail. A wide range of issues are encouraged, such as an opportunity to explore workplace problems or solicit input on a particular best practice members would like to implement.  Members receive invaluable information, feedback and advice based on the diverse experiences of peers and TNC to improve or resolve workplace issues.

In addition to in depth discussion on member workplace issues, the agenda for TNC facilitated, two-hour monthly calls typically features:

  • Brief member updates on relevant trends within their company or local market.
  • TNC tracks and reviews previously agreed upon and supplied monthly Key Performance Metrics (KPMs) for members.
  • TNC provides accountability reminders and feedback on problems with accountability issues.
  • KPMs review and comparison for trends as well as against industry benchmarks like those provided in TechServe Alliance’s Operating Practices Report.

In addition to monthly calls, TNC plans and facilitates one or two off site fly-in Industry Roundtable events per year based on members’ preferences. All meeting logistics, advance preparation of the agenda, and expert meeting facilitation is provided by TNC.

The offsite roundtable agenda features an expanded opportunity to work on member issues in greater detail and in depth discussions on industry best practices, as well as:

  • A review of member KPMs and more in depth discussion on industry trends.
  • Focused group discussion on predetermined industry topics.
  • A great opportunity to enjoy some casual time with industry peers over dinner.

As an invitation-only, member-driven roundtable, TNC works with members to create the best fit for the roundtable group.  Membership is reserved for owners who are active in running their company. However, a key executive such as president or COO will be considered at the request of a less active owner.

Additional guidelines for membership include:

  • All members are expected to adhere to the group’s norms for active participation and advance preparation to maximize the group’s experience.
  • New members are admitted according to current member input and after a trial period to assure a good fit for the group.
  • The geographic diversity of the membership is emphasized and any prospective member within the same local market of a current member is only permitted with approval of that current member.

The Tom Nunn Consulting Staffing Industry Roundtable is one of a kind, productive, focused time with high performing peers that offers you an exclusive opportunity to increase growth and profitability and energize your vision.

For details on membership, investment costs and timeframe, please call Tom Nunn at Tom Nunn Consulting at 978.207.1549. Or email Tom at: tom@tnunnconsulting.com for more information.