About Us

With more than thirty years of achievement starting, growing, and running his own successful business, as well as multimillion dollar corporations like the Eliassen Group, Tom Nunn is uniquely qualified to help entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs to grow and prosper.

As part of the leadership team of Eliassen, Tom helped the company grow from $25 million to $100 million with top quartile profitability. As President of Eliassen, he helped to create a high performance Leadership Team and grow the IT staffing and project consulting businesses to record high levels of profitability. His expertise has made him a sought after speaker year after year at venues like the TechServe Alliance annual conference and the Growing Firm Forum.

Tom’s diverse background from the staffing industry to the financial industry and more, provides him with a comprehensive perspective on building leadership teams, increasing efficiency, increasing profitability and healthy company growth.

His work with entrepreneurs, owners and CEOs of successful businesses has given him extraordinary insight.  Tom has honed his expertise working directly with companies and as the facilitator of invitation-only Roundtable Forums exclusively for progressive industry owners and key executives.

“It’s exciting when owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs have reached that critical phase when they are on the brink of breaking through to the next level,” Tom says. “But often, with early success, the hands on entrepreneur or CEO now finds that they no longer have time to attend to every detail, things start falling through the cracks and rushed decisions now will lead to headaches down the road. Clear headed, objective analysis, leadership and collaborative Strategic Planning make the difference between arrested development and continued successful growth. ”

To keep the upward mobility going, one of the first things Tom does is an in depth company analysis to determine what is working effectively now and what areas need attention to better position the company to achieve its goals. Then, working with the owner or CEO on their vision, Tom customizes a complete plan to realize that vision. Whether your vision is centered around growing your capabilities, sophistication or size, increasing profits, developing a high-performance leadership team, succession planning, increasing meeting productivity, strategic planning, or improving company culture, TNC can analyze, plan and facilitate the attainment of your goals.

“From working with owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs, I have developed a deep understanding of what makes great leaders and great companies tick,” Tom says. “As the former president of a multimillion-dollar company and the owner of my own successful consulting company, I share my client’s high levels of performance and quest for personal best, so it is particularly rewarding for me to help other like-minded company leaders.”

Tom Nunn Consulting is available on a project or annual retainer basis to meet your specific needs. Please contact Tom at tom@tnunnconsulting.com or 978.207.1549 for more information on how he can help your business break through to the next level.